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Just come home this evening, switch on news and find that one of Scotland finest authors of the last half century, Iain Banks, has passed away, just a couple of months after announcing that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. News of the disease was a shock, to hear he has passed so soon is dreadful. I had the pleasure of hosting numerous author events with Iain in Edinburgh over the years and later on when I had my nasty dispute with my old bookstore Iain was one of the authors who stood up for me. I’m trying not to think we lost Iain, a great writer and such a big-hearted, genial, friendly man, far, far too young and instead trying to think of him smiling, with a pint in his hand. Here’s a photo I took of him with one of Scotland’s other bestelling authors, Ian Rankin, having a few pints in one of Edinburgh’s fine pubs. Better days. Have posted a little more on my blog here.
  • 9 June 2013
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