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baby sitting, Addams Family style…
Dinner time at the Addams residence…





I want these framed and in my house.

you forgot one

God yeah, you forgot the most important one.


the-king-himself did


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2000AD Forum Art Comp. (Jun’14): RepanelledThe Winners!

Some absolutely terrific Thrill-Powered™ tributes, in last month’s (June) competition, so before we have to do this month’s (July) - which has thrown up some equally fabulous fan art BTW, but more on that later! - let’s have a look at the worthy winners, plus an extra ‘Art Droid’s Choice’: chosen by one of our very own world-class art droids - none other than top Sláine artist, the great Glenn Fabry!

So, without further ado…

  1. First PlaceThe Death Of Judge Dekker (Judgement DayProg791,11Jul’92). In a heartbreaking scene Dredd's most promising former Cadet, radio’s through to her passing Senior Judge & mentor, surrounded by legions of the undead, requesting back-up. Unfortunately, a despondent Dredd tells his one-time Rookie partner that he would never make it in time. Dekker isn’t surprised, bravely pulling the pin on a frag grenade and signing out over Dredd's Lawmaster-screen, with her final words: “See you on the streets, Joe”. Dredd's shoulders visibly sag as he realises that he just lost the best Cadet he ever passed. Bar none. Original art:  Carlos EzquerraRepanelled by Martin Smyth.
  2. Second PlaceRogue Trooper Finally Tracks Down The Traitor General (To The Ends Of Nu-EarthProg392,17Nov’84). After the disastrous Quartz Zone landings, which saw the Rogue Trooper's fellow cloned super-soldiers massacred as they were dropped in their life-pods and shot from the sky, the majority never even making landfall. The few who did were gunned down quickly, including Rogue's soon-to-be bio-chipped buddies, HelmGunnar & Bagman. The lone surviving Genetic Infantryman, now with the personalities of his clone brothers housed in his gun, helmet & backpack, Rogue discovers that his entire platoon had been betrayed by a top-ranking Souther General. Living up to his nickname, Rogue goes AWOL, deciding that none of the top brass at Mili-Com can be trusted, and vows that he will not surrender until he finds the Traitor General - and thus the legend of the Rogue Trooper is born… Original art: Cam KennedyRepanelled by James Newell
  3. Third Place:Dredd's Plans To Infiltrate The Sov’s Missile Base (The Apocalypse WarProg267,5Jun’82) Dredd plans to infiltrate an East-Meg One (Sov Blok) silo, housing the deadly ‘Twister' missiles. Original art: Carlos Ezquerra hilariously Repanelled with Dredd's really real plans by Shaolin Monkey
  4. Tharg’s ChoiceThe Death Of Johnny Alpha! (The Final Solution Pt.2Prog686,7Jul’90). Possibly the most shocking panel in 2000AD, or even comics’ history! Lord Sagan (hated half-brother of Johnny Alpha), and his mother, have seized power in the name of the anti-mutant, New Church and set up base in Salisbury Cathedral. Joining forces with a dark Lyran sorcerer named Charn-el, they have utilised his power, incorporating the bones of another wicked magician - killed by Alpha - Malak Brood, which has opened up a portal to another dimension. Sold to the mutant population as Utopia, unsurprisingly it is in fact a gateway to a nightmarish world of flesh-hungry demons! As thousands of mutants line up and pass through the gateway, situated in the centre of Stonehenge, a place of huge magical energy, it is presided over by master of the black arts, Charn-el. A suspicious Johnny Alpha decides to enter the dimensional doorway himself. When he learns the horrendous truth, Alpha calls a monstrous flying beast toward him, as it attacks he invokes a spell read from the mind of the sorcerer and with the massive release of energy from Johnny's body, re-opens the portal, allowing the surviving mutants to escape. Just one, Alpha's young protogee Feral, allows himself a backward glance, only to see his mentor eviscerated and his corpse incinerated - the young mutant can’t believe what he has just seen: Johnny Alpha, hero to mutants everywhere, finest S/D agent in the galaxy - dead! Surely he can’t really die…can he? Original art: Colin MacNeil Repanelled by Allister Mackerel.
  5. Finally we come to this month’s Art Droid’s Choice, so a warm welcome to much-loved veteran art droid, Glenn Fabry. He has chosen a riotous retro remake of a famous Judge Dredd Panel, via vintage UK comedy, The Goodies! Judge Dredd Stops Illegal Road Race - The Mega-City 5000 (Progs40-41,26Nov-3Dec’77) - The Hard Way! Original art: Brian Bolland Ecky-Thumped by Davey Candlish!

Ok, sorry for the lateness once again, now I have all of 6 hours to put up this month’s winners! Sorry to Owen ‘CFM’ Watts - don’t forget to remind me every month!




The cover of Clowes’s Eightball #18 (1997) features an apocalyptic sci-fi scene: a human/robot plays a drum with one hand (announcing the Apocalypse?) and the other hand holds a ray-gun that shoots pink goop, turning people into naked monstrosities. All this while emitting some weird oval…

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Ah, Gillian, either way would be fine with me…

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gorgeous art depicting Death from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, art by Nick Runge
Loving this literary bronto by Niroot!