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Art from the fascinating Glacial Period by the brilliant Nicolas de Crecy, a group of explorers in a future world now covered by ice find a fabled lost city under the snow and enter the Louvre museum, but they don’t know what art is and attempt to understand it without any context. My review is over on my blog

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Edinburgh this evening, as Scotland votes to decide if she will remain in the Union with the rest of the United Kingdom or return to being an independent nation once more. This is, appropriately, in Parliament Square, close to where the old parliament met before the Act of Union in 1707. Almost carnival feeling here tonight, city is buzzing, both Yes and No campaigners seem to be happy now it is done and only the vote counts to come now, campaign part done. Many media from all over the world here reporting and a large contingent of supporters from Catalonia here, smiling, laughing, offering support, watching keenly as they campaign to have their own independence referendum. Here Scots and Catalonians have re-created their flags in coloured glass and flickering candles in front of Saint Giles in Edinburgh. By tomorrow we will know the result of the most important constitutional decision in centuries in Scotland and the UK… Rest of this set of pics on my Flickr


Captain America returns, Avengers #4

Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, 1964

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I’ve been making these zines for a little over a year now. Here’s #4. I brought 80 copies to SPX this past weekend and gave them to my dear friends. As a bonus I hand-colored all the covers for some bizarre reason

SPX was wonderful as usual. Congratulations to the Ignatz nominees and winners! I picked up a ton of books & zines, and I’ll enjoy reading them over the next few weeks.

The first 3 Sex Fantasy zines are tagged here, so you can read them if you missed them the first time around.

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"The whole world?"

City of Death - season 17 - 1979

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Some art from the recently published first issue of Wild’s End by Dan Abnett and Ian Culbard - imagine Wind in the Willows meets HG Wells’ War of the Worlds. My review is over on my blog here.

Loving Ryan Heshka's artwork

SyFy repeating the classic Twin Peaks, not seen it in years, and oh ye gods, how Sherilyn Fenn smoulders in that show as Audrey Horne…